Bioclimatic Penthhouse

Category: Residential | Award: 3rd Price


This home combines traditional elements and contemporary environmental strategies to  offer a quiet comfortable space any time of year.
The living area faces to a sunny winter garden. The sliding wooden roof allows the solarium to be quickly transformed in an open terrace with or without a shaded porch. The solar protection opens or closes this indoor/outdoor space to the town and the fields’ views.

The private area contains the bedroom, a bathroom and a study. These rooms surround a patio. The curtains and movable glazed doors allow selecting different levels of intimacy between the rooms and the communication with outdoor climate conditions.

Energy consumption by combining natural systems and artificial mechanical of the residence reduces the consumption by 25%. That is compared to normal ratios in conventional residence. This shows that it is possible to propose alternatives in the field of rehabilitation or renovation of buildings that allow alternative or complementary energy solutions to the conventional and traditional solutions and professional involvement in the construction sector in sustainable projects.

Location: Mallorca, Spain
Total Cost: 150.000 €
Plot Area: 75 m2
Total Plot Area: 100 m2
Construction: 2008-2012

Luis Velasco Roldan