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Building Green Magazine has a circulation of 4 issues per year and is distributed to over 5000 subscribers, among which there are Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Civil Engineers, Industrial Units, Construction Companies, Building Industry Representatives, Energy Management Officials and Industrial Units and professionals from all the sectors that are directly and indirectly active in the Sustainable Building Market and Industry.

Technical articles, Market presentations, Official and Institutional guidelines, together with market reports, international collaborations and Real life projects are being presented to the professional audience of Building Green Magazine in every Issue. With a steady, high standard performance and dynamic approach to all aspects of Sustainable Building and living, Building Green Magazine is one of the most acknowledge and identifiable Technical Magazines of the field.



EcoWebTown is a new e-magazine dedicated to sustainable design in urban planning and architecture. The magazine is promoted by the research group active in the University of Chieti-Pescara at the SCUT Research Centre (Sviluppo Competitivo Urbano e Territoriale), but programmatically involves the most engaged researchers community, that are creatively facing the themes mentioned above. The review inaugurates a work of critical excavation on positions which are influential on the thought behind projects for sustainable city projects, probing the meaningfulness and the utility itself when confronting contemporary challenges.

The aim is to introduce and enhance good projects that contribute to evolve the architectural and urban culture, but also to distance those solutions too easily defined sustainable, that often relying on the ambiguity or confusion of some currently definitions.

Μore than a traditional magazine, EcoWebTown would look like a cultural network that makes itself recognizable because of the critical and creative attention that dedicates to the sustainable design of cities.


greek-architectsThe e-magazine (GRA) first appeared on the Web on March 2002 aiming at covering an info void regarding architecture in Greece. The goals as well as the general philosophy of its web site follows the honest approach of presenting and commenting on architectural issues on the basis of respect and objective observation.

GRA does not intend to stirring up controversy regarding the never-ending “theory battles” of different “schools” οf architecture, nor mechanically reproducing those theories already worn by repetition. On the contrary it aspires to locating and systematically dealing with subjects of theory and practice that are addressed by architects today, as well as to giving voice to their comments.



ARCHISEARCH.GR investigates, selects and presents projects that deal with various aspects of architecture throughout the world. Taking the role of an unconventional research tool, it seeks present and future cultural evolution through architecture, as well as the possible exchange with design, art, graphics and green/eco design. It poses questions aiming to provoke new thoughts and approaches. It has a vivid interest in experimentation and validation, whilst it underlines the wealth that lies within the coexistence of diverse ideas.

It focuses on issues relating to the built (and often unbuilt) architectural context and its parameters; from the social benefits of a project and its contribution to the urban area, to its ambiance and construction materiality. It promotes the connection between society and architectural production and explores the ways through which architecture urges us to interact with the social and natural context.


ecoweek_logo_ENECOWEEK.ORG  the international non-governmental non-profit organization which raises awareness for environmental issues, Climate Change and promotes the principles of Sustainability. Created in Greece in 2005, ECOWEEK is active in more than 15 countries in Europe and the Middle East. ECOWEEK is about education, co-operation and sustainable design, and it is inspired by the Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy’s vision to empower young professionals to benefit local communities.

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