Is it possible to participate in the “MEA2013 Awards” with my graduate thesis? Does this Competition cover projects that have not been completed?

Although it is possible in the future for an initiative to involve non completed projects, we regret to inform you that you can not participate in MEA2013 awards with a graduate thesis. The International Design Awards covers all buildings that have been completed in the Mediterranean zone. Only projects that have been completed during the last five years are eligible for the MEA2013 Awards.

We want to know more about the design parameters to be respected in MEA 2013 Awards.

All submitted projects must be in accordance with the following principles: The design must address the principles of sustainability, improving the quality of life for the occupants. The project must combine ecological design with a heightened sense of creativity, maximizing passive energy innovations . Also, it must balance aesthetic integrity and contextual sensibility with frugality and moderation in the use of forms and materials.

What are the technical information required for submission?

Three (3) images are the minimum requirment for submission. The image files should be in black/white or in color, 12×20 cm, 300 dpi. The file type should be jpeg or png, maximum 2 MB in size.

What are the entries required?

According to the submission requirements you should enclose: project information, a plan of situation, a plan of emplacement, an aerial view before and after the intervention, a general plan of the project (sections, constructive details), the process of the project: schemes and notes, photos of details of the project, additional information and descriptive of the project. Documentation must be submitted in English. The project description should express the underlying design idea, the spatial concept and information about the use of materials. If the building’s concept fulfills guidelines of sustainability, a brief statement is requested.

Supplementary information for participants should be a brief curriculum vitae (approx. 200 words, in English), candidate’s or group’s picture, candidate’s or group’s contact information (country, city, phone number, website, mail address) and data sheet with the specifications of the completed project (client, designers, collaborators, chronology).

Where can I find the Presentation Board Samples?

You could find the “Presentation Board Samples” as you fill in your submission form. Τhere are in the “Area 2”. Αlternatively, you can download them here.

At the submissions document, in the “Area 1-Project Images” is asked of a Plan of Situation and a Plan of emplacement. What exactly are those? Drawings or photographs ? Is it a topographical diagram?

By asking those required files we mean a plan (or a photo) of previous situation and a plan of the project emplacement.

Is MEA2013 Awards only for buildings? Could I send urban design proposals or those are off topic?

MEA2013 covers not only buildings but also the urban design proposals. In no case is beside the point. The categories for MEA2013 Awards are: Urban Planning, Urban Design, Residential, Health, Culture, Leisure, Commercial uses. Projects completed during the last five years (after January 1st 2007) in the Mediterranean area are eligible for the MEA2013 Awards.

Do the entries need to be anonymous?

It is evident that nowadays a completed project can not actually remain anonymous. However, a participant can, remain anonymous, if he wishes, by not giving the name of his project in “Area 2 – Presentation Boards”.

What should I fill in the “Completion Year” field?

The “Completion Year” field refers to the exact time that the project was built. You should fill the year that the project was completed. Projects completed during the last five years (after January 1st 2007) are eligible for the MEA2013 Awards.

I need to know if the limit for zipped files is 10MB for each one file or for the three of them. 

You can upload 10MB for each one of the three zipped files required. If you need extra space, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I upload compressed rar files?

The only type of compressed files that you can upload is the .zip files. Make sure that your file’s names end with .zip (e.g. project_images.zip) .