Karin Skousbøll

KS-Cuba-LiliKarin Skousboll, Associate Professor, Architect MAA

Diploma from the Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts, School of Architecture 1967. Post-Graduate education as urban planner at Atelier Tony Garnier, l’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris 1968. Karin Skousboll has executed several international urban and landscape projects in USA with Richard P. Browne Associates in New York State, New Jersey and Maryland, in France with Atelier Lopez in Montpellier region, in Greece with George Andriotakis at Rhodes and Kos Islands and also worked in Rome, Italy with studio Moroni. Karin Skousboll has in DK worked for Copenhagen County, Ministry of Environment, Administration of housing and building. In the period 1992-96 – appointed by the Minister of Resources & Environment – as chairman of the advisory board for the planning of Oerestad, a the new urban quarter of Copenhagen. The board was set to secure the high quality in Architecture, Urban design and Landscaping. The area has since then seen a great development – three phases are now more or less completed.

From 1970 Karin Skousboll has been employed as assistant professor/scientific assistant by The School of Architecture in Copenhagen teaching students combined with research and administration. She took over the leadership of study department 3D 1987-97 after architect professor J.O. von Spreckelsen (La Grande Arche in Paris) and elected as a Vice dean of the School 1993-96. Since 1999 working as an associate professor at Department 8: Architecture, Experiment and Technology. Guest-professor at College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan US, School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania US and Chalmers Technical University, School of Architecture, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Karin Skousboll has given a series of professional lectures and courses in DK and abroad as well as papers for international conferences and symposia in England, France, Holland, Sweden, Italy, South Africa a.o. She also functions as a professional guide for many post-educational tours of architects, planners and engineers as well as students to several destinations in Europe, USA and Asia.


Karin Skousboll has in her research been handling many subjects of Architecture and Planning – among these may be mentioned: Pieces Urbaines/Urban Fragments (publ. Cph 2002) – new urban scenography of France with special focus at Paris and its urban and architectural development Greek Architecture Now (publ.Athens 2006)– the contemporary architecture and its development Architecture, Body and Space (Cph Center of Athletics and Architecture 2010)– together with a colleague studies of excellent international examples of spaces softer sports and athletics, where the sensuality and the perception qualities af major importance. Participated in anthologies about ‘Views of Space’, Urban spaces’, ‘Third age-Housing’ and written articles of the interplay between Art and Architecture, Ism’s of architecture, architectural theories of contemporary architecture, teaching architecture methods. Analysis of urban re-conversion examples of Europe for EHBS Trade and Building Administration of DK published 2008. Karin Skousboll has parallel with these activities been partner I Studio 90 drawing office 1973-87, since 1988 continued her own architecture & planning consulting service office. She was asked to be a member of the architect’s section of The National Art Council 1984-87, The Royal Academy/s advisors’ town & Country-committee 1986-90, New credit association’s architecture committee 1987-91. From 1990-97 member of the board of the Danish Cultural Institute parallel with membership of The Architects’ Union’s admission board until year 2000.


Actual project since 2009 is a book about Nordic Architecture and its special quality of the interplay between landscape/nature and contemporary architecture. The work is carried out in close co-operation with architecture-photographer Erieta Attali and supported by the Dabish Art Council, Dreyer Foundation and The Norwegian embassy a.o.