Ali Abu Ghanimeh


Dr. Ali Abu Ghaneimeh is an Architectural critique and writer. He graduated in architecture from the University of Rome in 1987 (Rome-Italy) and authored an international study of Andrea Palladio’s architecture in 1994 (Vicenza-Italy). In 1997 he got his PhD in History of Architecture from the University of Rome (Rome-Italy).

Dr. Ali started his professional Experience in 1990, where he restored and rehabilitated Arar’s house, one of Jordan’s most prominent poets, in Irbid in cooperation with arch.Raed Al Tall. Now he is the head of the Architecture Department at the University of Jordan and the General Secretary of Aqaba Biennale for Mediterranean Architecture 2013. During the previous years of his employment he has been the Dean of the faculty of Engineering in Al Al-Bayt University (2010/2011) and the dean of the Institute of Architecture and Islamic Art in the same University (2008-2010). Through the years (2003-2005) and (2007-2008) he has been the chairman of the Architecture Department in the University of Jordan.

In addition to that he has been the Assistant Coordinator for Med-Campus project 139 for touristic coastal development in the Mediterranean Countries in the period (1993-1996). Dr. Ali was the mayor’s advisor for architecture affairs in Greater Amman Municipality for four years starting 2002. After which, and during the period (2008-2010), he has been the council member of the Consultation, Technical and Community Service Center in Al Al-Bayt University, an advisor for Local Development and Local-International Cooperation Affairs in the Ministry of Municipal Affairs in Jordan, and a member of the Technical Committee for the Urban and Architectural Heritage in the Ministry of Archeology and Tourism in Jordan.

In 2010 he has been a council member of the International Congress Scientific Committee “Domes in the World”. In the following year he has been the general secretary for Arab Architects-Academics Forum and was a council member of the First International Conference on Sustainability and the Future “(FISC2010) Future Intermediate Sustainable Cities: a message to Future generations”, which was held in Cairo-Egypt.

1988 Was the beginning of his teaching experience, where he has been lecturing and tutoring architectural students in Islamic Architecture, as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts – Yarmouk University (Irbid-Jordan) up until 1991. In the period (1998-2005) He was an assistant professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology – University of Jordan. In the years following 2005 and up until now, He is an associate professor in the University of Jordan. In the year (2011/2012) he was the dean of the Faculty of Engineering- Al Al-Bayt University.

In 1992 he was a higher committee member for Venice Biennale Exhibition entitled “Sacred Architecture”. Seven years later he was a member of a jury for “Building Communication Organization”; a competition by the Ministry of Public Work and Housing. In the year 2000 he was a member of another jury for a competition (Cultural Village in King Hussein Gardens) by Greater Amman Municipality. In the year that followed he was a member of the “Sassi and Temples: Matera – Petra” International meeting in Rome Scientific Committee and a member of the jury evaluating the New Market and Cars Park (an Irbid Municipality Project). In 2003 Dr.Ali was a member of the organization committee of Yemen Architecture Conference held in Sana-Yemen. In 2004 he was a member of the evaluation committee of King Abdullah Prize for Creativity Projects in the field of Arab City and its issues/ The Arabic City Role in Architecture Heritage Development by Greater Amman Municipality. In that year he was also the head of the University of Jordan’s team of Barqash Cave Development Project in cooperation with the Hashemite University and the Ministry of Tourism. In the year 2006, he was a Member of the Scientific Committee for International Master on Landscape, University of Catania and a member of the Jordanian delegation for 4 years in the COPPEM” Standing committee Euro Mediterranean Partnership of Local and Regional Authorities in Palermo-Sicily as well. In 2011 he was a Member of Scientific Committee of the World conference “International Symposium on Common Governance Culture & Restructuring Problems in Three Seas Basin Countries” in Istanbul-Turkey.

Dr. Ali has written in Al-Dustur, one of the most prominent newspapers in Jordan about He has also written books such as “Paolo Portoghesi” in 1991. “Theories of Architecture” in 1996, “Jafar Toukan Architecture with Mario Pisani” in 2001, “Stones and Temples” in 2003, and “tourism and Sustainability” in 2005. He wrote some of these in Arabic, English and/or Italian. In 2011 he was awarded by Antonietta Labisi for his cultural and educational role in Mediterranean Countries (Catania- Italy), that is apart from his start of Public Lecturing and conferences (which started in 1992).