Lucia: a Zero Energy Building from Univesity of Valladolid

Category: Cultural | Award: 3rd Price


ZERO CO2 emissions and ZERO ENERGY building, will house scientific centres and related work modules. It shows strategies in bioclimatic design (oriented envelop and forms, significant improvement of daylighting, strong insulation, vegetation to create microclimate, low environmental impact construction materials, photocatalytic tiles…) to reduce significantly the energy demand.  USE ONLY RENEWABLE ENERGIES integrated in design (biomass, photovoltaic and geothermal), including electricity produced by cogeneration by local biomass, with an affordable cost.  It will provide the springboard for research into social aspects of building sustainability (social, dissemination and educational subjects, waste and water management…) and it will constitute a prototype on which to test the bases for environmental methods and assessment for buildings. It has external certification, opting to LEED-NC PLATINUM and more than 4 leaves VERDE. Funding come from Junta de Castilla y León (Program of Infrastructure of Research and Technological Development 2010-2012), and the European Regional Development Fund.

Location: Campus Universitario Miguel Delibes, Spain
Total Cost: 8 225,413.36 €
Plot Area: 7500 m2
Total Plot Area: 7500 m2

Francisco Valbuena García / Unidad Técnica de Arquitectura  (Universidad de Valladolid)