Environmental Department of Zaragoza City Council

Category: Civic | Award: 1st Price


Environmental Department of Zaragoza City Council is located in a plot with a very special value  based on the relationship between the city and the urban banks of the Ebro River.
The building tends to form a landscape to suggest an intense relationship with the landscape and express the environmental commitment understood as a quality intrinsecally linked to function. Thus, it merges into the topography of the area, forming an extension of the public space inside-it and on its roof, and connecting the different levels of pre-existing urban space.
The roof is an essential element within the conception of the building. It integrates wood-paved public-areas, embedded solar and photovoltaic panels, and green-planted zones.
It illustrates the possibilities of a single material, wood, as essential material and homogeneous cladding, configuring surfaces that seem to be woven, in a careful and sensory-based use of the material.

Location: Spain
Total Cost: 2.934.222 €
Plot Area: 1948 m2

Magen Arquitectos:
Jaime Magén | Francisco J. Magén