UPI Kid University in Gandía

Category: Cultural | Award: 1st Price


The Kid University in Gandía (UPI) is an experimental initiative proposed by the Municipality of Gandía. The UPI is not a conventional kindergarten, but a group of specialized classrooms and workshops located in a natural setting where kids can develop their creativity and have fun beyond a school context.
The proposed volume does not alter the Ausías March Park’s layout. Indeed, it respects the position of six existing white mulberry trees, arranging the classrooms around them and shaping a central lobulated courtyard. This courtyard is the core of the Kid University, linking open spaces, covered areas and indoor rooms. Towards the exterior, the building exhibits a sober and continuous facade, serving as a sort of palisade, that avoids building up fences. White coloured ceramic tiles build up both facades and roof.

Location: Parque Ausías March, Gandía. Valencia
Total Cost: 1.436.880,98 €
Plot Area: 1075 m2
Total Plot Area: 1075 m2
Construction: 2010 – 2011
Project team: Álvaro Oliver, Álvaro Rábano, Lucía Guadalajara,
Ángel Camacho, Laura Pacheco

Paredes Pedrosa, arquitectos.
Ángela García de Paredes, Ignacio Pedrosa