The Court Of The Trees New Primary School

Category: Cultural | Award: 2nd Price


Saving a pre-existing precious garden from destruction, a border-building is generated by the composition of elementary volumes made of exposed brick and white plaster, showing massive fronts onto the streets. A discreet and essential architectural language builds up the old impression of a “defensive” construction with a compact and seemingly impenetrable basement in touch with the urban land. In the very heart of the project, a green court, protected and safe, is exclusively dedicated to children, free to run among the living trees.

A simple slow-ventilation system for collection, regimentation and conduction of natural air currents within the building prevented the installation of an expensive mechanical forced air replacement plant. Ultra-thin solar panels and an invisible photovoltaic integrated system give the complex energy independence and the opportunity to sell every surplus to the national network.

Location: Cenate Sotto (Bergamo), Italia
Total Cost: 3.140.000,00 €
Plot Area: 2.680 m2
Total Plot Area: 5.900 m2

Tomas Ghisellini Architects