Selection procedure

MEA2013, the International Design Awards’ Competition, is honoring the most innovative and creative design solutions that have been completed during the last five years in the Mediterranean zone, where climate and economic conditions are akin.

Forty-one (41) innovative sustainable design projects realized around the Mediterranean basin have been submitted by the end of April, aiming to enhance exchange of ideas on environmentally conscious design, and enrich the ecological sustainabilityapproach. All submitted projects should follow the principles of sustainability in architecture, mainly through environmentally responsive passive design solutions.

Individual architects and groups took part in MEA2013 Awards from Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Turkey and Slovenia. Their projects are classified in the following categories: Civic, Commercial, Cultural, Leisure, Residential and Urban.

The curators are in the process of checking the entries that fulfill the terms and conditions of the Awards. Shortlisted entries will proceed to the second and final stage of evaluation by the judging committee.Best entries will be awarded 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize (maximum 3 prizes) in each category.

The final results will be announced to the public and to the members of the honorary committee to further comment on the results, if wishing. MEA2013 Awards’ Ceremony will be held in Athens. The exact date will be announced in due time.